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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Price graduates 2012
Days of Our Lives

     Wow! I am amazed at God and his ability to hold us tight in everything. It is by Him that we live and move and have our being. I love that scripture. The recent months have been filled with many things for me. I look forward to each day and the adventure it brings. My lifetime saying is "To show up and hang on." That seems to be what I do best.
Mothers Day 2012
      I celebrated Mother's Day with my parents this past month. My children didn't get to come in to Kerrville but it was nice to honor my parents for their contribution in my life. Although my mom continues to suffer from dementia, I enjoy the  good days she has and Mother's Day was a good one. Dad is fighting hard to keep moving even though his heart is challenging him. He is such a fighter.
     The big news I have is Price graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Petroleum Engineering. I want to honor him because he has finished in 4 years and done real well. His college career could have gone either way with loosing his dad as a college freshman but he chose to press in and study hard. I know his dad would have been so proud of him at graduation. He will be home for a little while before moving to Houston. I am very proud of this boy. We had a great weekend and it was good to see all my kids and play with them.

     Work has kept me busy and learning many new things. I love my job and the people I get to meet. I have no doubt God has me here learning many things and I really believe in the mission I am involved with. We recently had 25 of our YouthBuild young adults graduate and 15 of them got their GED. The others got a portion of their GED. What an accomplishment for them and I love seeing them working around town and doing well.

     I am at a different place in my life now. The grief seems to have subsided and is a rare occasion now. Yes, at times it still appears but it is the exception instead of the rule in my life now. God brings other widows across my path and I love sharing with them and simply being with them in their pain.
My date is a cowboy!
     On a personal note, I have been dating a guy for the past four months and I  have laughed more in that time than I have laughed in the past four years of my life. He is very kind, so funny and a lot of fun. My friends have enjoyed getting to know him. His name is Stephen and he is from out of town but somehow makes it to Kerrville several times a week. :)
Charity Ball in April
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