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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives

A painting of my mom and dad we found in the attic

The days of our lives are filled with much diversity- work, cleaning out my folk's home, estate responsibilities, and fun with our kids. At times, I still cannot believe Mom and Dad are gone from my life. They have been such a daily part of my life for the majority of my life. There were many days, the last few years of care giving, that I literally did not think I could take another day of balancing work, managing caregivers, doctors visit, medication, and building a new life for myself. The fact that I have, makes me smile as I have discovered that I am stronger than I ever imagined and God's grace is amazing. Yes, I am still exhausted from the years of serving but I smile knowing I loved them well.
Enjoying the lake with my daughter!

There has been much to attend to since my parents have been gone. The paper work, phone calls, listing the house are just a few of the things I have worked on. My sibling and I have worked at least once a weekend and sometimes twice a month going through the house, all the file cabinets, closets,  drawers, the house and the garage. To describe the garage, let's just say a car has not been parked in there for over several decades. It took several weekends with all three of us  working to get through just the garage. Finally, this past weekend, we were ready for the estate sale. It was hard walking in and out of each room of the house as it was filled with things that brought back memories of the last 50 years of my life. My doll bed, old  red record player, tap shoes, were just a few of the memories I reflected on. The sale went well and they are going to continue it again this next weekend.

Celebrating Stephen's daughter and my new daughter's birthday
Stephen and I spent Memorial Day with our kids fishing. We had a blast visiting with our kids and I loved feeling my grand baby move in my daughters tummy. Our family has seemed to blend well and I thank God for how He has worked in all our kids hearts. We are very proud of how they have handled our marriage and accepting each of us as part of the family.

 Stephen and I have now been married seven months now. I wouldn't say our lives are settled in any way but we have a good time and laugh a lot. He has been wonderful and supportive to me and I have loved doing new things, like fishing, with him. We are both spontaneous and that has been a lot of fun. Neither of our lives look like they use to and we bloom where we are planted. Sometimes that is in Uvalde and most of the time it is in Kerrville. The road has been a little rougher than we planned, losing  both of my parents right after we married but we have found beauty in the midsts of it.


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