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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Holiday Highlights with the Family- 2013

What a wonderful and fun holiday! The kids arrived the Thursday and Friday before Christmas. Life was filled with babies, target practice, hunting, laughter, food, presents and more food and laughter. Such an awesome week full of family and fun.
Proud Mama Max and Pops
My pretty daughter-in-law and daughter with their babies.
 Laura, Austin and Collins-Truett, Mallory and Rob

The girls are learning that babies have a mind of their own!
 Christmas day with my kids. Poor Price had to work...
Uncle Price Maxwell holding his niece Collins and nephew Truett!

Proud daddies holding their babies! Rob and Austin
It was fun to see both babies and how different they are. Collins is all girl, a little girl, dainty and only weighing 11.5 lbs at 4 1/2 months. Truett is all boy, very vocal, constantly moving around.

Uncle Price loves the new additions to the family!
Truett enjoying his Exersaucer!

What else do you do with a mule deer?
The boys went hunting and killed 5 deer and a hog!

Exhausted parents...

I'd rather be with my uncle Price...

Packing up and heading to Uvalde!
Collins and Mama Max

Whitney Rambie and Javi-

What a joyous Christmas with these two!
 A handfull even for a Lt. Commander

Christmas in Uvalde

Uncle Barrett Rambie with Collins

Nephews and grand kids!


Wishing all a wonderful and joyous 2014 full of His grace and filled with His love.

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