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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Birthdays, Suitcase, and Texas Independence

Pops and Mama Max with Truett
 We were able to spend a few days in Houston celebrating Price's birthday and seeing our grandson. It is amazing to see those we love grow up. Truett is 6 months now and Mallory is a great mom. By the end of the weekend, he was reaching for me which warmed my heart!

Valentines Day 2014
February is a month full of love and for me lots of travel. I am learning to move with where God takes me and to hang on loosely to my schedule and comfort zones. I packed my suitcase for business on Feb.9th and March 4th finally began to unpack it. All that matters for me is to be with those I love and to find my security in God's love and presence. I've learned to find the adventure in whatever town I find myself in. I love showing up and discovering why God has taken me on the journey I find myself on and discovering His purposes.

Truett and Uncle Price
Sweet Collins is 6 months
Our weekends this month took us out of town to celebrate Price's birthday and to see our grandson. Price turned 24 and Truett and Collins both turned 6 months. It is so fun watching their little personalities emerge. I wish we could see Collins in person more often but right now, I will be content with Facetime.
Texas Independence Day Party in Con Can 
We love our friends and consider each of them gifts in our lives. We had a lot of fun celebrating at Con Can Texas Independence Day Party. Four couples from Kerrville joined us for the event.

Price is 24!
Little Valentine

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