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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fun in Annapolis 2014

 Recently we went to Annapolis, Maryland to see Austin, my oldest son. He is so handsome and a wonderful father. It was fun visiting with him and his family and seeing him become the man God has called to serve our nation. All his life, I prayed God would help me prepare him for his destiny...never did I think of him going into the military. God is using him and his skills in a way I would have never imagined. So proud of this guy!

Our grand girl-Little Miss Collins
The highlight of this trip was playing with our wonderful grand daughter Collins. She is adorable and we had so much fun playing with her. She finally warmed up to Stephen and was checking him out!
This is Collins and Mama Max on Collins first boat ride. She wasn't too sure about the life jacket! So much fun just loving on this precious girl.

 Stephen and I had fun eating crabs and enjoying the water on our trip. It was fun to get away from work and enjoy our kids.

View eating dinner

Eating with my son.

Austin is a wonderful example of a father's love. He fathers Collins like his dad did Mallory. He adores his sweet little girl and she trusts him totally.
Laura is a great mom and I loved visiting with her!

Life hasn't turned out anything like I imagined, but nevertheless, God has been faithful and blessed us richly. I love watching our kids grow up and become parents. It is so fun just being their friends. My children lost their father, however, God has provided a wonderful man to love them and love our grandchildren. God works in ways we cannot see and it is our job to simply trust Him and be grateful for all the love and grace He gives.

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