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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Holiday 2014 Love and Laughter

Helping Mama Max with Christmas cooking

Our 2014 holiday was full of lots of love, smiles and fun! Having two 16 month olds around made for lots of action, trips to the park, special memories and sweet times. I have had to laugh as all our plans for the holidays got switched around numerous times. Everyday proved to change from what we thought but it was all ok as we went with each change. I firmly believe learning to adapt quickly to change is part of walking with God. He loves when we depend on him and surrender our plans to him. Life is too short to insist on our plans and our ways. It is much more fun to walk with Jesus and laugh when things do not go as we plan. 
Funny Collins
Stephen and I got to see all our kids, although somehow I didn't manage to get all the pictures. I was too busy cooking! We treasured the times we got to spend with each one of our kids, grand babies, and times we were able to be with friends. Relationships are something I value and treasure and I am thankful for the people God has in my life. Looking forward to 2015! 

Playing with Collins and her new pots and pans

2014 Christmas Celebration
Laura, Austin and Collins Maxwell, Price (tall redhead in the back) Truett, Mallory and Rob Williams, Kathleen and Stephen


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