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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rocking and Rolling!

Ok….I think I have lost my mind and need someone to help me find it! I have been training to do a ½ marathon since August and it is the Sunday. Now why on earth would a person in their right mind want to pay money to spend the morning in the rain and cold??? I am really hoping the weather men in San Antonio are not right in their forecast! Oh well….I will just show up and hang on…it is what I do best in life…roll with what is thrown at you and figure out a way to have fun. It is a benefit for cancer so it makes it all worth it. Two years ago was my first time to do a marathon and it was this one. Joe was there every few miles cheering me on and was so proud of me. I will miss that this race. Even if it rains it will be ok…it has been the process and the training that has been fun as I have walked with Nina and we have processed our lives, made ourselves go much further than we normally would, laughed many hours and gotten in better shape. Trials and hardships are much the same way as training for a marathon…you breathe, focus, find joy, process with God and people that love you. As you determine to push thru them you see that you are capable of more than you think and you grow in your inner man.

CWJC graduation went really well the other night. To hear the testimonies and see the transformation of the ladies was wonderful. God out did himself this semester. It has been action packed in many ways but a great blessing. It has been stellar in many ways. Nine girls got saved, we baptized seven and have seen visible change on their faces and in their lives. I love walking and working with God. There is nothing like it….seeing people has he sees them, believing in them and helping them discover their potential and value.

Rocking and Rolling this weekend!


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