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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shifting and Letting Go

I have tried for several days to post something but have not been successful. I took a class on video blogging but obviously did not learn the last part about posting! One day I will video blog.

I am enjoying some time with my oldest son and his wife. It is amazing to me that Austin grew up. Joe and I would tell him when he was a teenager that he needed to pray for us because we didn't know what we were doing with him. He was our firstborn and therefore the one we practiced on. 

I want to talk about shifting. Life is full of shifting. A shift can occur at anytime and sometimes we don't know it is going to happen. Other times we can see the shift coming. When things shift, it is important that we let go; otherwise we can have even more pain in the shift. On the other hand, it is important that we hang on to the one thing that is secure in this life and that is God. He never changes, is always there in the time of our greatest need and loves us. Even in the greatest shift we can breathe deep and rest because we have something that keeps us steady, gives us hope and we can find comfort in the fact that Jesus will get us through the shift.

When things shift, it is important to let go quickly. The pain of letting go is directly related to the attachment to the person, pet, life change, or the item. For some people, losing a pet is not that big of a deal because it is something that we feed and guards the house. Other people might have a lot of difficulty when a pet dies because the pet has been through life with them and is a constant companion. Leaving a job may be no big deal to one person because it is only a place to earn a paycheck and yet for others, it can be difficult because they have invested much of their life and time. 

I am learning to adjust to the shifts of life. Shifting is here to stay and the quicker I can wrap my mind around the shift, the easier things are. When life shifts, it is important to hang on to the hand of God. It is always there for us no matter what. In every situation God says, "It is ok. I am right here." Reminding ourselves of that shatters fear; fear  we can't make it, fear of the future, fear the emotional pain will never subside. There are many scriptures that remind us that God's heart for us is to hang on to him and not be afraid. Fear is not from God. It is against the law of Christ
I have had another small wave of grief hit. It has been a while since I've had one which has been nice. You never know when one will hit. One day last week I was walking and saw a flower. All of a sudden I started to cry. I missed Joe sending me flowers. He was good at that. It was something that made me feel loved and special to him. I miss talking to him about things and hearing his perspective. There are many things I still miss but the pain has subsided. This week I had to let go of him sending me flowers. 

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  1. It's those small things, isn't it? My dad just told me that he passed a place where he and my mom used to play ping-pong, and he had to grieve the loss of playing ping-pong with her.