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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Still Alive

     I know it has been two weeks since I have written which is not normal for me but I just couldn't seem to get around to it. I have spent some time with Price. I realize this is the tail end of 31 years of motherhood as I have known it and want to cherish each moment. I love my baby! By the way, he has a job when he graduates in May with Schlumberger in Houston. I am so proud of him.
     Physically I have been battling an infection in my adenoids and am on my 5th week of antibotics. I also discovered I am anemic which has made it hard to to have extra energy. Both of these have made me weary and cramp my style. Friday night I was asleep by 8:30! My immune system is down and i work around young people. I will continue to try to build it up and pray I get well real soon!
     Speaking of young people, I had the honor of leading one of my students to the Lord the other day. I was visiting her in the hospital and as we were visiting I asked her if she knew what a relationship with Jesus was about. She said no but wanted to, so I shared with her. She said she wanted a bible and then asked to pray. As I finished the prayer of salvation, the door opened and a lady walked in that was from my church and you will never guess what she had in her gift bag...a bible! The young girl immediately saw God's goodness and how He heard her prayer. It was wonderful and there is nothing better than than the joy of leading someone to the Lord.
     I enjoy my new job and working with the 27 boys and 7 girls. This past week we had a Thanksgiving Dinner to celebrate and to practice the social skills I have been teaching them. We also were in the Holiday Parade and  they built the playhouse in this photo. The job has challenged me but I know this is where God has assigned me. I know my job is to show them His unconditional love and they are responding to it. Each day is a new adventure and is action packed. There is never a dull moment that is for sure! My life now consists of walking down the street in parades to rap music with the kids! They actually built the house in the video below.
One of my students and her baby
The Holiday Parade Float
Some of my Youth Build kids
My lemon tree! - determined to bear good fruit one way or another!
     I have a new life in local politics helping Brad McCullouch in his campaign for District Attorney in District 198. I am learning a lot being his Campaign Manager and it is an honor to help him. I really believe he can make a difference in our community and keep District 198 a safe place. Check out his website and let's help get this godly man in office. The primary is in March but it will be here before we know it.  I also have this link on the front of my blog

     I am looking forward to the holidays this year. The last few years I wasn't really looking forward to them without Joe but I am more settled now. The past two years have been brutal for me in more ways than one. I remember a widow telling me the second year was harder than the first and I couldn't imagine but it was for me too. I am thankful to begin year three. It is a time of hiddenness  for me and I am gaining much experience in things I never wanted to experience but that is where we gain power.  Inspiration moves us to revelation and revelation moves us to encounter. Encounter or experience moves us to transformation and power and that is awesome! I am developing in preserving and know He is preparing me for something...I just don't know what yet! I do know that there are things I will write about in the future but just can't right now. God daily encourages me in various ways. His comfort and kindness amaze me. I frequently have people I don't know stop me in town and thank me for the articles I write for the local faith section in our newspaper. I guess it shows God can use anybody! Happy Thanksgiving to all

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