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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Variety Makes Life

     I am not sure what the word normal means anymore but I know my life is not normal. Nothing in it is remotely similar to what it was a few years ago. But change is good- at least that is what I tell myself.
     Last week I was talking to my dad. He asked about my week and I told him I was going to swing dance class with another couple. He said, "Well for what it is worth, I don't approve. You have no idea who you are dancing with." "Dad," I replied, "There was a time when you could tell me who to dance with, if I could dance and what time to be home. Those days are over. I am 51 and I am going dancing!" I have to love him still trying to protect his daughter. Swing dancing is lots of fun and a great workout.

     My job is challenging but I love the kids. I have no doubt that this is my new assignment from God. The kids call me Mama Max and really I feel like I teach them a few things about job preparation but most of all I simply love them and help them with life problems. The other day we were going on a field trip. I was driving an old van and it is full of boys 16-24. One of them says, "Mama Max, you are the only woman with blond hair that drives around with her own gang in her van." I said, "I know and you all are hurting my single am I ever going to get a good date driving a van full of kids?" On the other hand, I don't have the time or energy for a man!
     My heart seems settled and I feel like I am beginning to find some rhythm to my life. I am seldom at a loss for something to do. My free time is spent writing, helping with Brad McCullouch's political race for District Attorney and his fundraising events, helping my parents, and with friends. There are different people in my life now as God has expanded my world. I am thankful for the opportunity. It is a new season.
     God continues to work on my heart.  I love his comfort and how he continues to speak tender words to restore me and show me who I am. I know I am in a time of accelerated development and I have said yes to the training. I know the things I face to overcome are part of the development.
     Price has had 5 job interviews and two offers. He is set to graduate from University of Texas in . I was thinking the other day of how I will get a raise next summer when he is off my insurance and on his own! I cannot believe I am coming to the end of 31 years of mothering and raising kids. I enjoyed tailgating with him at the UT game and plan to go to some other games.

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