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Sunday, March 4, 2012

I have had a lot going on recently and am amazed at God and how his kindness has overwhelmed my life.   Not long after the first of the year, I was standing in the back of my church during worship and uttered a simple prayer, "God, I just need a word of encouragement today. I need to hear something specific." 30 seconds after I spoke those words to God, a woman 3 rows in front of me walked back to me and said,
" The Lord wants you to know that your winter is over and your spring has come. Are you  ready for your new life?" I just wept at the words and how quickly God met me that day. I tucked the words away in my heart but it has been amazing how there has been a new season in my life in many ways.

I've seen God open doors and bless me at work and in my personal life in only ways that He could. I have  had the opportunity to date and that has been fun. God spoke to me soon after Joe died and said that there were people he wanted me to touch in my single life that I wouldn't have the opportunity to touch any other time in my life. Let me say to date at 52 is a new adventure and it takes energy to press on. I've seen Him work and i have certainly been blessed.

Another blessing is I have gotten a promotion at work. . My time at BCFS YouthBuild will come to an end this Friday as I have accepted  a position as the Division Development Officer for BCFS.  I am still working for the same nonprofit but will be moving into a management position. I am excited about the new position and have been quite busy wrapping things up with the kids I have been working with. We have had GED testing recently and I have been coordinating job shadowing as well as helping 8 YouthBuild clients obtain jobs.

My life has been so different than it was several years ago. I had a husband, worked with all women and had a staff of women. Lately I have had no husband, worked with a staff of 4 men and 20 plus young men! I would say, "God I am not connecting the dots but I know you are in all of this and I am where I am where you want me." After months of simply trusting, I am seeing the dots connecting.

My experience with BCFS YouthBuild has prepared me for my new position and what God has in store for the next chapter of my like. My new position will involve some travel as well as raising the community awareness of the many wonderful programs BCFS Health and Human Services provides for young people, many that are orphans in one way or another for various reason.

It is a new season and I will have to say I have laughed more in the past month than I have in years. Yea God! He is so faithful to sustain the widows and the orphans and makes all things new.

I have laughed more in the past month than I have in the past few years. I really feel somehow, someway, my spring has finally come. I feel like my feet are under me again. It has been a wonderful adventure seeing God's faithfulness to heal my heart and delight it too.

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