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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Living In Transition

Going Away Party- some of my kids
     The past few weeks have been very fast and amazing for me. I finished my time with BCFS Health and Human Services YouthBuild and said goodbye to the kids I had learned to love so much. It has been neat to see  many of them obtain their GED and get jobs. As the Education and Career Specialist, I coordinated GED registration, job shadowing, jobs for them as well as doing anything a mother would do. The kids all called me Mama Max. I really was just their cheerleader.
     I have worked some very long hours wrapping up my duties with being in the middle of GED testing and kids getting jobs. Our students are now working with local businesses like Wells Fargo, JMLowe Construction, Subway, Fox Tank and more. I am so proud of all of them!
  They gave me a going away party that was real sweet. I had numerous opportunities to pray with these young people at different times as God opened doors. Although I will be in another department at the same company, they have instructed me to keep connected with the kids as it is so important when trust is built, to still be that stable trusted connection in their lives. They don't need another person walking out of their lives. I totally agree and will stay connected. Relationships  and communication are key to the success of any organization or ministry.
YouthBuild helps Mama Max with her new furniture

New Office
     My new position as Development Officer has challenged me as I have had many new things to learn. Transition seems to be where I am living but I have convinced myself that constant change keeps me growing. My first week took me out of town to BCFS HHS Lubbock Transition Center to meet the staff and learn about their programs. This week I went to Abilene Transition Center and met the staff and helped host a coffee with influential women in the community. It is exciting to be a part of an organization that reaches out to at risk youth and orphans of communities to help any young adult 16-25 transition into  the adult world.  My job will be raising community awareness of the services offered, developing support thru in- kind donations,  coordinating fundraising events and recruiting volunteers. I am excited about the opportunities ahead.
My beautiful daughter
     I have also gotten a chance to have a little rest the past few weekends. I have done some fun things with friends and family. I have actually been gone 9 days in the past few weeks between work and weekend trips. Last weekend, Mallory and Rob came in for less than 24 hours but it was so good to see them. Price came in from a Spring Break trip to Florida and then left for the Texas coast. Don't ask me to explain it... I love my time with my kids.  Mallory looked at the back yard and said, "Mom, dad would not like all those thistles in the back yard." She was right, but I can only do so much. Joe was meticulous about his yard. She and Rob pulled weeds while I cooked lunch.  We all miss the life we had with Joe but keep pressing thru the waves of grief.
     I also had my dad in the emergency room  and in the cardiologist office with congestive heart failure. He has been retaining water. Mother has had some falls recently but I am convinced they both have well over 9 lives.
     This week I felt God tell me my life was just beginning. I feel that I am stepping into my new life in more ways than one. I am not sure what it looks like yet but I feel it coming. Spring has come. It has been a long haul, but God has been faithful each step of the way. Yea God!

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