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Monday, June 11, 2012

Tough week but still dancing

  Tough Week...

I love what Graham Cooke says, "There are no more good days and bad days, just days of grace." He goes on to say that sometimes we need the grace of God to get us thru the day and other times e enjoy the grace God gives to enjoy the day.
     I've had a sad thing happen in the last two weeks. Two of my CWJC graduates died suddenly. One was killed in a car accident. The other they think died of cardiac arrest.
     Clarissa Menchaca was a 30 year old mother of three boys. (center back top row)When I got the call, I was shocked but immediately felt a peace because I had had the privilege of leading her to the Lord. It was a beautiful story  and I rejoiced knowing she was with Jesus. The family called me as Clarissa they said, often talked about me and said she wanted to be just like me. I think that is one of the highest compliments I've ever gotten. I was asked to conduct the Memorial Vigil and although I had never done anything like that, I was happy to do it. I can add that to my list of "firsts."
     The other woman, Erin Dwyer was a 2006 graduate and a strong believer. She leaves 5 kids and a husband behind. Erin was active in CWJC and had sent me a Facebook message the day before she died. Her service was a sweet tribute to her life. Life is precious and we never know the opportunity we have to impact someone's life.
     Price has been home for a few weeks and it has been nice to have him around.  I think he is bored but I know he is enjoying a little easier schedule.
     Maggie, my cocker spaniel, and I were involved in the Bark For Life Cancer Fundraising event this past weekend. I know Joe would have laughed and smiled had he been around. He loved Maggie and me and would have enjoyed the array of various dogs. It made for a busy weekend and I still have to pace myself. The highlight of the weekend was going dancing and dancing with Price. I don't want a tomb stone but if I did I would want it to say, "And she danced" Hard things are a part of life but I always want to be remembered as an overcomer.
     The other night some friends invited me and my date to join them for the evening. After visiting and dancing a while, I remembered that this was the last place Joe and I had danced at a wedding reception. The good thing was it didn't sting and I was having fun with someone else. Life does go on by his marvelous grace.

     On a brighter note, Malloy's dear friend, had a baby and Mallory got to share in the event. Isila Prewett was born to Lauren and Treavor and is a beautiful baby girl. I am hoping Mallory and Rob catch the idea and make me a grandmother soon. I am ready and patiently waiting.

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