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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Beginnings- I'm Engaged!

A new life and new adventure
    After nine months of dating, I have to confess that I have fallen in love with a man from Uvalde. There has been a long standing rivalry between Kerrville and Uvalde but somehow, that has not mattered and I have found someone that I've grown to love. We have spent most weekends together since January getting to know each other. The poor guy has had to meet half of Kerrville and get their approval to even go out with me.
Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field
     As I have pondered what I want in the next chapter of my life, it is someone to share the things I enjoy. I'm not trying to build a family and have kids. Those days are over. I want someone that enjoys the outdoors, loves to dance, loves God, sees the bright side of things no matter what and someone that is fun and real. I've found him.
I love my ring!
    He has been very patient with all I have had to do with my parents and my job. There have been many of dates that have been interrupted by crisis with my parents but he just goes with me and supports me while I tend to their needs. Then he holds me...Not many men would do that.
Take me out to the ball park!
Brookes Raley- pitcher for the Cubs
  We had an opportunity to go to Chicago recently and watch the Chicago Cubs play. Stephen played baseball in high school, college and coached many youth in Uvalde. The young man that pitched for the Cubs Saturday was , Brookes Raley, and we were asked by his parents to come watch him as Stephen coached him some. What a fun adventure!
  Stephen has a rental company, construction company and a hunting industry. He reminds me of my dad in some ways because he is a self made man and there is a strength in him that has won my heart. Some people say he reminds them of Joe.
     I have loved the adventure of walking with God as I have learned to navigate dating and finding love again. What a wonderful adventure as I've trusted him with my fragile heart.

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