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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

You Are Called to a Supernatural Lifestyle Above the Clouds (c)
 by Kathleen Maxwell

You and I are called and equipped to live a  supernatural lifestyle. Yes, believe it or not, we are not to lead normal lives. Normal is gone when you walk with God. I’ve learned that I have traded normal for supernatural. I did not just wake up one morning and discover that. I’ve discovered the supernatural life I am to lead as I have faced difficult circumstances, trials, conflict, misunderstanding, disappointments and being determined to discover what God is up to in those situations. How about you? Have you encountered any of the above mentioned things lately? How did you handle them? Did you waste the opportunity  to grow?
The word supernatural is defined as -above our circumstances, above natural or to exist above and beyond nature. We have a God given right to  rise above our circumstances and paint a picture above the clouds or storms of life. Jesus rose above the storm in Matthew 14 and even called Peter, an average guy, to do the impossible. What are you facing right now that seems impossible? Perhaps it is staying with in a difficult marriage. Maybe it is dealing with a difficult coworker. It could be letting go of a love one. I know at times I have said to myself or someone else, “I just can’t do this.” The truth is, I can’t but when there is a greater dependency on God, I can. The key is dependency.
It has been my experience that God doesn’t ask us to do things we can do, he usually requires us to do something beyond ourselves so we develop a dependance on him. It is a dependance that turns us to a better outcome that we have the privilege of experiencing with Him than without Him. Often times in our society, dependance has a bad connotation. Dependance also  means a resting with reliance and trust. I like that definition. When life happens, who do  you depend on? If our dependance is rooted in anything but God, we will always live life under the cloud and be tossed by our circumstances. Stress and anxiety will dominate our life. Do you rest with reliance and trust? Why would God want our dependency and trust?When I was raising my children, they were dependent on my late husband and me for what they needed. This dependency created numerous conversations with us. The conversation usually started with, “I need money, I need new tennis shoes, I need you to take me here, I need you to do this for me.” This created questions on our part. “What do you need the money for, how much do you need, will that be enough, or you need to consider something else son.” Or maybe the conversation sounded like this, “Why do you need me to do this for you? You can do it! I know you can and I will be right here with you cheering you on.” Their dependency created conversation and usually more questions. 
Throughout the Bible there are numerous questions Jesus asked his disciples and those he walked with. He loves our questions and loves relationship with us. He is never too busy to listen but  as in any healthy relationship, our conversation needs to go both ways. Sometimes we listen, sometimes we talk. Do you listen or just talk to God? He loves your heart and loves to share his with you.The key is learning to listen for his voice.
In early July, I was in church one Sunday and I felt the Lord speak to me in quite way. I felt him say, “Kathleen, things are going to happen fast, but I am in them.” I wrote those words in my journal. About 15 minutes later, someone spoke in our church and said, “God is doing some things and is doing them fast. Be prepared.”Sometimes he speaks in a whisper and other times he speaks a little louder. I began to ask God questions about what he meant. I make time to sit and just be with him. It was a discipline at first but now I can’t do without just simply sitting and listening. I would wager to say, this is not normal for a Type A personality. But those conversations with him, steady my heart and help me to be supernatural or live life above the stress or clouds of life. Things have happened at a fast pace in numerous ways for me but because of those words, I can rest knowing God is with me and is developing me when life seems uncertain, stressful or fast.
I was talking to someone the other day, and the woman made the comment that she was so stressed out. I have had my share of stressful situations and life will be stressful if we live in our circumstances. God sent Jesus so we can find joy in life not matter what is thrown at us. The Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6: 10 says, “On earth as it is in heaven.” There is no stress in heaven, therefore, when we walk to the rhythm of thanking him, praying and then resting because we have left our problems with him, we learn to live life above the cloud. We live a supernatural life. 
I John 4:17 says, “ he is, so are we in this world.” There are plenty of people that lead stressed out lives. They are everywhere. I want to be someone that is known for living a life of joy and peace. Jesus paid a great price for me to do that. I owe it to him to be responsible for my own development in not letting circumstances steal my joy and peace. This means I have to discipline myself to step back and live from the inside out. What about you? Do you need to discipline yourself a little more? Do you live in your circumstances preoccupied with the problem or step back into Christ in you and be at peace?
You and I are called to reveal to those around us who God really is. Our actions should speak even louder than our words. We are are not called to lead normal lives but supernatural lives. His promises, words, and our confidence in who God is should lift us above the clouds of life. Too many times, crisis happens and we are reacting and calling his promises down into our circumstances instead of living in the promises, living the Word of God and standing in confidence because we know Him well. 
Have you ever even asked Christ to come into your heart and forgive you? It is the beginning of relationship with Him. Do you need to get to know him better? Do you need to walk with Him more and listen intently? He adores you just the way you are! Will you join me in painting a beautiful picture above the clouds of your life? 
Kathleen Maxwell is a native of the Hill Country, educator, writer and speaker. She is passionate about helping others discover the joy of walking with God and their value. You can contact her at and on her blog

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