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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Birthdays, Wedding Countdown and a Wreck

What an amazing time the last few weeks have been. God has been teaching me much about hanging on to the grace he provides. There have been many opportunities I have had to seize His grace.

Work has been extremely demanding creating long hours. I enjoy helping others and believe in the project I am working on. I have had several speaking engagements as well as presentations for work so the schedule is challenging.

My dad had to go the the emergency room again last week with chest pains. He was sent home but nevertheless, it was another trip to the hospital. I think it is the 13th time in the last years. She and dad have been more dependent on me recently. Mom's illness if progressively affecting her mind. I have been over there several times a week in the evenings helping with various things.

Wedding planning has kept me quite busy. Stephen has a hunting business and dove season has kept me traveling to Uvalde to see him and riding in a pickup truck. If someone would have told me last year that I would be wedding planning in the hospital and in a pickup truck I would have wondered about them. It is coming together but it has been very busy. From planning table decorations to finding shoes it has been fun and has made my days long.
Stephen had a birthday on October 7th and I gave him a surprise birthday party. It was the first surprise birthday party he had ever had. I loved making his day special. Mallory turned 28 years old on the 7th too. She spent it with friends.

October 8th was the 3 year anniversary of losing Joe. This year was easier that the previous two years but there there were still waves reminding me of the loss. I couldn't help but think about God's faithfulness and how far he had brought all of us. That morning a deer ran out and hit me and did $3,000.00 damage to my car. I didn't even see it! The day wiped me...but I was over another hurdle!

Another door has opened for me to be on radio. I appear on a soft rock show on Sunday mornings at REV FM 94.3 The show is called "A Dose of the Ghost" and I was asked to share "A Maxwell Minute" several times in the hour.

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