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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Heaven Gained a Wonderful Lady Today- My Mom

     I cannot begin to describe the last few days. It has been challenging making sure Mom was taken care of and overseeing Dad's care too. Dad has been in the hospital since Sunday evening and yesterday we were told he has bone cancer.We were stunned as we went to the emergency room thinking it was his heart or a compression fracture in his back.

     On my way home from the hospital last night, I decided that I wouldn't stop by my Mom's because I was too tired. But somehow my car turned on to Manor Dr. and I decided to quickly stop and check on her. She was alert, talking to me and Austin called and he got a chance to visit with her.Being the first grandchild, he had a special place in her heart. According to her, he never did anything wrong.

     This morning I was awakened by a call from her sweet caregiver asking me to come over quickly. Somehow I knew she was gone. When I arrived, Mom was already with Jesus. There was a sweet presence of God in her room and I will have to say, I was thankful she was no longer suffering. Her disease had altered her physical body and I was thankful she could now dance and do all the things she loved. She was a classy lady and yes a little bit sassy. Always had her lipstick on and of course her hair done! She has taught me much about the Word of God, life, and has taught many kids gymnastics as well as about taught hundreds of kids in children's church. What a lady!

     My husband has been out of town for business but is on his way home now. I need him but God has once again shown me His faithfulness and how He cradles my heart and loves me dearly. My kids have had a jolt hearing the news about their grandfather yesterday and now their grandmother. Mallory and Price have already arrived and Austin will be in tomorrow
Mother's Day 2012

     Plans are still being made but Grimes Funeral Chapel is handling things and I believe the service will be at Impact Christian Fellowship Saturday at either 2pm or 3pm.

     Held by Grace,

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