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Finding God's Goodness in Life's Disappointments

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Walking a New Life and Holding on to the Last Little Bit of Normal

This holiday season, we are walking into a new life to discover all God has for us. I celebrated my 53rd birthday Monday and Stephen surprised me with a small party and dancing at Sam's in San  Antonio. I am loving married life and our lives together.

 I look forward to celebrating Christmas with my kids this Saturday. It is important to find the good things in life as life as I have known it  continues to change. I found out today that my dad has multiple myeloma, cancer in the bone marrow. We had been told he had bone cancer but were not sure where it had begun. For me, finding out two weeks ago was difficult and then losing mom 15 hours later. A lot to handle in a short amount of time. After our doctor's appointment, we went and had lunch together. These times are precious and I know it. My sweet daddy wanted to walk me down the isle but I had the boys do it and then he gave me away.
 I am determined to dance thru life. Life on this earth is difficult. It won't be great until we are with Jesus but each of us gets to choose how we will live it. There are many blessings in life here on earth and we must look for them and focus on them. 

Yes I am a little crazy but I am sliding down a 115 foot slide into the Guadalupe River on New Year's Day to benefit at risk youth in our area. I will once again slide in the 
20th Annual Mo-Ranch Polar Bear Challenge. Who wants to sponsor me? Donate any amount to BCFS Health and Human Services and mail it to me at
 550 Earl Garrett suite 114 in Kerrville, Tx78028

Love these handsome boys!
My wish for you is that you enjoy this holiday season and enjoy the peace and love that walking with God provides. He is faithful, He is good and best of all...He loves us.

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