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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Celebrating One Year of Marriage!

Looking toward the future
 Celebrating Our One Year Anniversary
October 27, 2013

     One year ago today, I married a wonderful man, Stephan Rambie. Our first year of marriage has been quiet eventful, full of unexpected things, full of laughter, adventure and learning. As we visited today, I shared with Stephen that despite the great loss of my parents, the year has gone much better than I had expected. Stephen and I are both pretty strong people and I wondered if our first year would be a little challenging because we are both know what we want in life and are set in our ways. Much to my surprise, transitioning our lives together has been seamless. I remember someone praying that over us and God heard that prayer. I cannot even think of one disagreement we have had. I guess being older, we are a little smarter and have both learned from mistakes in our pasts. We are both easy going and both spontaneous.
     The unexpected things began 5 weeks after we were married when my mom ended up  at the emergency room, my dad was hospitalized shortly after that. We found out he had a rare bone cancer and 15 hours later, mom had passed away. It wasn't even two months later that dad passed away. Our first three months of marriage were spent in hospitals and funeral homes...
Dove Hunting In Uvlade
     Somehow I married a man with a great sense of humor and even in the midsts of everything, he kept me laughing. We have spent much of this year living in two different towns which makes it interesting as I never know where I will end up sleeping! Stephen has done most of the traveling from Uvalde to Kerrville as most of his work is there. September and October, I did the traveling as it was dove season and we have a hunting business, Events Unlimited. We really have not had the time to settle into our life with the loss of my folks, blending our families, new grand babies and life in general. We talk a lot about different ideas but right now, we are enjoying life in both towns.

Chamber Banquet

Fishing at Lake Amistad
Our family

     I've met lots of new people in Stephen's life and have learned how to fish and dove hunt. He has met   at least half of Kerrville, as he puts it, has gone to more social events in the last year than in his whole life! He has enjoyed the adventure and we have even blended the social events with unique purchases! We love to dance and frequently go dancing with friends.  We have enjoyed cooking together and entertaining in both Uvalde and Kerrville.
Truett Payne

Collins Elise

We have loved becoming grandparents and fun times with our kids. We have grown a lot this year and have covered many of life's major events from marriage, death, and birth.  We've prayed together through each event and most of all, our love has grown.

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