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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Power of Overcoming

I was recently faced with a challenge and at first I thought, “I cannot do this.” Then I began to preach to myself……. “Kathleen, seriously you can do this, you were watching tumors grow last year, ” Suddenly a new courage rose up in me as I remembered what I had endured and the problem suddenly seemed small compared to what I had been through last year. I realize that there is power in overcoming things in our lives. I have discovered that overcoming brings a new authority and confidence in the power of God to bring us through situations. Because I have had the privilege of walking with God through the valley of the shadow of death and other situations holding His hand there is a trust in Him that is unshakable and fresh. There is power in overcoming. Each of us as believers has the opportunity to grow in crisis. And when you overcome in a situation, then you get the honor of helping others overcome too. Personally, when faced with a difficulty, I want to talk to someone that has experience in overcoming that situation verses someone who simply has book knowledge. I want to talk to someone who has lived to tell about it and prospered in the process.

I have had a great week with my kids. Austin, Laura and Mallory and I went to Con Can to float the river for a few days. It was good to be with my kids and enjoy them. I love my adult kids and have fun with them. Austin and Laura left today for Florida for 8 weeks of training before they head to Maryland.
Today was also a shower for Mallory and Rob in Boerne. It is a fun time as we celebrate their approaching marriage……..three weeks from today!

I continue to press on in my new life. I am smiling and laughing more these days and know my heart is healing. I know I have a God given right to be healed, not hurt. I will look to Him until my heart is healed.

Overcoming and Enjoying Him,


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