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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Letting Go-My New Normal and Tumbled in His Goodness

I am so excited!  I have finally discovered my new new normal is "letting go."  I've been looking for normal for a long time and now I know...maybe one day I will write a book on "letting go."  Once again I will let go of something that has been a part of my everyday life and I love.  So much has transpired since I last wrote that it will take me a while to process it all.  I feel I have been tumbled and tumbled again in God's goodness...the short version is in the article below that I sent to my volunteer staff of 270 people and others in the community.  In addition to that, I someone gave me check to help begin my own ministry...I am overwhelmed by how people believe in me!  I will rest first and listen.

A New Season

On January 1st 2011 as I sat in my living room during my quite time, I wrote the words I felt God say to me: “ It is a new and different time,…you are living in a huge transition time which is necessary for the new life I have for you to emerge. I know you feel squeezed and upside down but it is ok…you are in my hands. ” I felt the Lord was telling me this year would be new and different…little did I know His wonderful plans for my life! Walking with God is a very exciting adventure for me and I feel I have been tumbled in His goodness!

For a couple years I have felt my time at CWJC was coming to an end. I did not know how or when that was going to transpire, or when but I just kept seeking God. In the middle of January, I told the Chairman of the Board that Spring 2011 would be my last session at CWJC. I knew I needed some rest and time with the Lord for him to restore me and “fill me up” from Joe’s illness and death, my parent’s illnesses and the demands of ministry. I wanted to give CWJC plenty of time to transition. God’s ways are higher than ours and I am so glad! Due to the generous donation of some donors, the board gave me the opportunity to retire early so I could be freed of the daily demands of CWJC and has now hired an interim director, Ann Buck. Ann has been in ministry over 23 years and part of CWJC’s volunteer team serving as a Bible Study Teacher and on the alumnae team. I will be working closely with her, Nina and the Board during this transition time. I am confident in their ability and have no doubt they have been called “for such a time as this.”


My oldest son is an officer in the Navy and as I have pondered the recent goodness of God to me, I am reminded of the way our nation’s military does things. Every few years my son gets new duty order and a season of rest: After his rest he gets his new assignment. I feel that is what has happened in my life. It is time I leave the CWJC duty station and rest. Then I know He will show me the next assignment. I have a desire to write and speak as God has begun opening those doors in my life and feel that will be a part of my next duty station.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love and support during the past seven years and seven months. God has a new season for CWJC, and it will be great to watch His plans unfold for this awesome ministry as Ann, the Board, Volunteers and Community follow His plan for CWJC Kerr County.


Yea God!


Kathleen Maxwell
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