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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A New Life...Wedding Memories

 Wedding Memories...October 27, 2012

About to round the corner...Looking at my future...
This was an amazing moment that just happen to be captured. I happened to look out my door and there stood my groom.  I stand amazed at where my life is now. One step at a time, God has walked me into a new place in life. My wonderful sons escorted me down the rock path to join my dad, who was at the front with Stephen waiting.
Wow...God is good!

My fabulous red heads walking me down the path... 
From widow to bride!

An evening in ConCan to remember...
Celebrating our new lives together- Mr. and Mrs Stephen Rambie
 Our first two weeks of married life have been beyond what I could have imagined. We had a wonderful small celebration with family and a few friends. It was a sweet service and of course we had a dinner and some dancing. Sunday afternoon after the Saturday wedding, we left of a week long cruise which was fabulous! Since we returned a little over a week ago, we have begun our lives living in Kerrville and Stephen travels each day to work. It has been lots of fun and I have loved cooking dinner each evening and having someone to share life with.

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