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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Season

Greetings dear friends,

After many of you encouraged me to continue my journey with Caringbridge, my kids decided to start this blog for me. I am humbled that there are people that want to simply read about my journey with God in this season. Thanks for all the cheering on in this season of my life......not sure where to go from here but God will lead.




  1. You have been an inspiration. I am looking forward to continuing to hear your wisdom and figuring out how we can continue to pray for you and your family.

  2. I am so glad you are doing this. As I am working on my journey with Him, I have felt such a calling to your thoughts and words. God Bless you...

  3. I have gotten so much from you, not just the last 9 months, but since I've known you. You have this way of letting God just shine through you. I may not ever face what you are going through, but who's to say I won't? I do know this, that through this time of watching you, it has taught me how to handle the hardest most unimaginable of situations that could come my way.
    I know that you are ministering to people who have been there, who are there right now, and to those who have yet begun to know the deepest of pain, to the most wonderful joy.
    The joy being in love and married to Joe for over 30years, having beautiful God filled
    children , and the hundreds of women who now
    know they are princess' of the Most High God.
    Not just here, but in Thailand as well!

    The pain of loss of those closest to you, and unexpected change in life as you knew it.

    Remember when God had given you the vision of him holding you on his shoulders so that you could see from his point of view?
    Right now he's taken you down, and wrapped His arms around you, walking you to your next stage in Him, and when it's time for you to be surprised, he'll lift you back up and reveal a wonderous glorious view of your new life plans. It will be more than you imagined.

    In the mean time, I'm proud of you, as are your children, friends, and family. Keep running the race, keep your eye on the prize, as we all run alongside, cheering you on.
    In my prayers always,

  4. Kathleen, I have to tell you i have read every posting of your blog since Joe went to be with the Lord. I have cried and intersessed for you. But the word that most describes what I am reading is Grace. This is what grace looks like and it is so beautiful. Thank you so much for letting us be a small part of this journey with you. I am learning so much and know that this is only the beginning for you. I love you always up close and far away.

  5. This blog is a great idea which God can use for continued harvest in His fields. So glad to hear of your comforting time in CA. Thanks for sharing your deep pain with such confident, deep truth!!! I'm not surprised at Austin's maturity and confidence nor Laura's warm, welcoming home. They're great kids!

  6. Kathleen,

    Your awesome, this is a great idea. You're such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your journey with us! Love you! Tina

  7. I am excited to learn of the inclusion of Joe in the NY Times article today. I have posted a blog to mention that also.

  8. I want my name to link people to my blog and the above comments linked to my profile. I'm trying to figure out how to change that.