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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Making the Times

News Flash.......yesterday as I stepped off my American Airlines flight in DFW, I had a call from the reporter from the New York Times asking me another question about Joe. She also told me the article would be on the front page of today's paper! We are just one of many she interviewed and I think her article depicts the world of cancer we faced in our battle. The interview took place the morning we left MDA and it was the last time Joe had a lengthy conversation with anyone.... 45 minutes he focused like God said and answered her questions....I was so proud of him! If you click on his name in the article, Joe Maxwell ,it will take people directly to our caringbridge website. Our prayer is that others will be encouraged by our battle and come to know God in a closer way as they read our story. Click the title of the article below, "Forty Years War: A Place Where Cancer is the Norm," to read from the New York Times today.Smiling in Texas,KathleenHEALTH / RESEARCH October 25, 2009 Forty Years' War: A Place Where Cancer Is the Norm By GINA KOLATA M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, the largest freestanding cancer hospital, is on the front lines battling a disease that still faces grim odds. Advertisement

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