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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Belated Valentine and Hope

February 18, 2010

Belated Valentines and Hope

I had a fun Valentines Day even though I didn’t have my valentine with me. My friend Nina and I finished the Austin Half marathon and were still breathing. We laughed so hard all weekend my stomach muscles hurt! It was also good to spend some time with my kids too. I have wonderful kids and they cheered us on as we did the marathon and Austin sent me flowers.

Joe was famous for buying me cards and forgetting to give them to me. Sometimes I would get a Mother’s Day card, Valentines card or anniversary card months later than the actual date. The other day I muttered a prayer, “Lord, if Joe got a Valentines card last year and didn’t give it to me, help me to find it.” Monday night I was going through a drawer of his and found a stack of cards that he had saved that the kids and I had given him through the years. It was good to see what was important to him and read the cards. He had anniversary cards from me from over 10 years ago and many Father’s Day cards from our kids. But no Valentines card…………as I was putting all the cards back into the drawer, I noticed one card under some things. It was the Valentine card he got last year! I am going to quote it because it was such a blessing even though he hadn’t signed it. I remember last year him telling me he had gotten it and would get it to me….we were so busy with MDA, CAT scans, doctors…..

The first time I saw you,
I somehow knew you’d be important in my life.
In my eyes, you were beautiful
in so many ways. There was no doubt
that I wanted to spend forever with you
And when we got married,
things were every bit as good as I’d hoped.
I didn’t want anything to change.
But….life is full of changes
and not every day can be paradise.
Together we’ve faced reality.
The day to day “bumps in the road”
that test every couple’s patience.
I’ve seen you in many challenging situations.
And the miracles is….
you’ve gotten more beautiful than I thought possible!
You’re sweet, thoughtful, strong supportive
and a partner anyone would want by his side.
Not only are you the woman of my dreams, but you’re also my best friend,
and as time passes,
I fall more deeply in love with you. (by Linda Lee Elrod)

Happy Valentine’s Day

God knew I needed this valentine this year more than any. I wept, was so thankful and yet aware of the pain of my loss. I feel at times it will never end but I know that is not true. There are too many promises in the Bible that state otherwise and I am hanging on to them. Yesterday God gave me a scripture that wasn’t highlighted in my bible…..I don’t remember reading this or it didn’t stand out when I read it in the past. It is now highlighted and I am hanging on to it. Jeremiah 31:17 “So there is hope for your future.” Jeremiah 30:17 says, “I will restore your health and heal your wounds.” Yea God!

Watiting Expectantly,



  1. This is definitely another "Yea God!" moment. Kathleen, how beautiful that He knows your heart so well, holds your heart in His hands, as well as your tears. What a tremendous blessing. Yea God!

  2. God is so faithful when we put our lives in His hands and even still when we don't always. He is always there to answer our prayers. So glad you got that Valentine this year and we have our Valentines from God year round. Still not getting notices that you updated so not sure if anyone else is having the same problem. I do come over and check on you from time to time and see what you have written. Today I just had a feeling I needed to come for a visit. Take care and hope all is well.
    love you sweet friend,