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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Waves of Love and Waves of Grief

I know it has been a week since I wrote but it has been an intense time. Since the style show (CWJC annual fundraising event) I have had to put on my graduation hat as we had the CWJC graduation Wednesday. These past two weeks are my busiest of the year with two major events. Not much time to write but I will have a break and be able to get some much needed rest. I am amazed at God and His ability to carry me when my strength is gone. I am learning lessons in weakness and although I don't really like it, I am learning much in this season.
The CWJC graduation was the largest we have had. Over 250 people in attendance and our largest class ever with 14 graduates. The testimonies were wonderful and I love wateching God work. It was evident that he was doing more than we saw on the surface. But isn't that the way He is? He is awesome.
I had a few days with a friend from out of town and it has been good to laugh, rest and have some fun. I have had to contend for my fun so much in the past years with my mother's illness and Joe's illness and death so I have loved simply laughing and having fun.
These have been days mixed with waves of grief but waves of God's intense love for me...........what a wonderful life......

Bobbing in the waves

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