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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wedding Rehearsal

July 11, 2010

What can I say about an amazing few wedding days? Mallory and I left Kerrville early Friday morning in two different cars headed for Vista West Ranch in Dripping Springs. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I drove….I should be in the passenger seat talking to her daddy as we drove to our daughters wedding... My tears were mixed with joy at how God had found our daughter a great guy that adored her, grief that her dad wasn’t here to share the event and wonder at how the events would play out. But by the time I arrived the tears were gone and gone for the weekend other than when I saw my two sons escorting their sister and all of my kids crying. Then I lost it but so did most of the 150 people witnessing the event. It was such a fun filled weekend.

Friday when we arrived in the Austin area we began with meeting a couple of bridesmaids for manicures and pedicures and then meeting Rob’s family for lunch. After that we went to get ready for the rehearsal. The rehearsal began a little late but went really well and was followed by a wonderful dinner at Jack Allen’s Kitchen. It was fun visiting with friends and family and roasting and toasting Rob and Mallory.

I will write more tomorrow….I am so exhausted but wanted all of you to know everything went so well and we all had a blast.

Thankful for so much,


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