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Sunday, August 1, 2010

July-Wedding,California and Cabo

July 31, 2010

What an amazing July it has been- everything from wrapping up 4 months of preparing for a wedding, 3 great days of wedding festivities in Dripping Springs, a trip to California to visit a friend and see everything from gorgeous lakes to San Francisco and then a week of pure rest in Cabo San Lucus with Nina aka translator/travel companion. All have been wonderful memories I will treasure for some time. God knows the things that delight my heart and after a long hard year and a half July has been the best month I have experienced. I love to travel and have needed a break from all the wedding preparations, my responsibilities at work and with my parents.

My trip to Cabo was planned back in January before I knew of the wedding or the 5 hospital stays my parents have had. Again…God knew what I would need before I did. Nina and I loved sitting and looking for hours at the Sea of Cortez. Neither one of us read much and were content just being. My body and soul needed to just rest and I did. One of my top things is life is swimming in the Sea of Cortez…the cool turquoise waves which are pretty big and strong moving my body up and down in the deep water reminded me of my life…I often feel like I am floating in the waves of grief and have no control over when or how hard they hit. I did however feel I had a break this week from the grief. I loved long walks on the white beach and loved the cool ocean mist blowing on my face. In the evenings we would either walk barefoot down to beach to a sea side cafĂ© or ride the local bus with the natives into town to eat decadent seafood or enjoy the yachts at the marina and music. We frequently slept in and loved having Mexican coffee on our patio that overlooked the water. We made friends with people from different states and countries but most of all we laughed and laughed and then laughed some more. I won’t have to do abdominal exercises for a while as my stomach hurt from all the laughing we did at each other and at ourselves. Nina and I have been friends since high school, have gone to child birth classes together and church, raised 6 kids between the two of us in 29 years and attended more tennis tournaments with our boys than we can count.

My trip let me see how far I have come since I was in Cabo at Christmas. I am in a much better place now and feel God healing my heart. As I say goodbye to July and look ahead to August I have to smile, treasure the memories and once again breathe deep… August 4 will be the first time I will spend an anniversary without Joe. I don’t know what to expect but I will rest in God’s faithfulness and goodness and be thankful for the 30 years and two months we shared, knowing God has good things ahead for my life.

Smiling and reflecting,


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