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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Onward to New Life

September 26, 2010

I have just returned from a great weekend. I left on Friday for Belton to see my sister and her family. I had a fun time with my nephews and visiting with all of them. Saturday morning I kept the boys for Kyle and Melissa while they worked and enrolled the boys in Camp Maxwell to keep them entertained. They are precious!

Saturday around noon I headed to Granbury to speak at a women’s banquet held at Southside Baptist church. The drive was wonderful as everything was green and the day was cool. There is nothing like the top down, good worship music and zipping along a new road along side a rail road track…part of the drive there was rain but it did not dampen the trip. I had a wonderful time just being with God and talking to Him on the trip. This was my first time to speak the “Princess Message” to a group like I did in 2007 and 2008. I put everything on hold when Joe was ill and have just now felt like I could handle a speaking engagement. It was with mixed emotions I accepted the invitation. Joe was my biggest cheerleader and pushed me to get out there and give what God had given me. He believed in me and helped me see my potential. As hard as it was to step out without him at my side, I knew it was something he would want me to pursue.

They had the room which held 100 ladies all decorated like it was a castle complete with archways, lights, crystal on the tables etc. as the theme was Princess Warrior. Two friends from Christian Women’s Job Corps in Granbury were with me and it was fun to visit with them and see their new CWJC facility. I felt God’s presence totally surround me all day and felt His favor on me as I know He is even more passionate about women discovering their value than I am. He has just put some of His passion in my heart. At times as I was speaking, I could see God working on the hearts of the women I was speaking to and some of them wiping tears. I pray God will continue the work He began. As I took the stage, it was as if I had never taken a break and I can say I even had more confidence because I have seen God’s faithfulness so much in the past 19 months. But I missed Joe…

I have just completed my second edition of “Wake Up to Who You Are”, a book on the topic of our identity and part of my personal testimony on the topic. I recently added another chapter and updated parts of the first edition. If you are interested in a copy I sell them for $3.00 and if you contact me I can get you one. I was also able to sell some CD’s of other speaking engagements I have done on topics such as:

The Princess Message
Living Out of Our Value Instead of Our Needs
Focus and Praise
Walking In Peace I and II
Handling Crisis
You Are An Over Comer!
(CD’s are $3.00 also)

The trip home was gorgeous and I drove all the way home with the top down and loving every minute of the drive. I reflected on the evening before, cried some as waves of grief washed over my heart, and dreamed of my future life and what it might look like. I am leaning how to walk with God in the extremes of life…on the mountain top and in the valley…I know what it is like walking in the blessings of God and through the valley of the shadow of death. He is consistent in who He is…always loving, always there for me and teaching me more of who He is for me. He is my healer, my helper, my counselor and my husband in this season. I love Him! At times I feel like I am taking one step walking through the grief and with the other foot stepping towards my new life.

Onward to new life…


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