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Friday, April 23, 2010

Relay for Life

April 23, 2010

The week has been good. The waves of grief have given me a break and I am thankful. I’ve learned to embrace them when they come but I enjoy life the moments when they give me a break. Much has been going on at CWJC and God has been busy healing hearts and changing lives. I am really enjoying the new people in my life and new relationships that have come alone because of my single status , I just need more hours in the day…….
Today I went to Relay for Life – the annual fundraisingl event for the American Cancer Society. As I drove to the event a new friend prayed for me and I felt strengthened. I was very impressed by the turnout in our Texas community. Last year Joe and I attended and did the survivor walk around the track. As I walked alone this year it was sobering and yet I felt God in such a precious way holding my hand. Many people came up to me to visit and check on me. It is wonderful to be loved and prayed for by so many. I was humbled. There were tears but I visited with friends and it was fun to tell of God’s faithfulness and how I was enjoying my new life. I stopped when I came to the luminaries that were there in memory of Joe. I walked the track alone as Amazing Grace played but I did not feel alone under the moon lit sky and many stars.
It was as if I could feel Joe holding one hand and God the other. All I could think of was about how good God had been this past year and the healing I felt in my heart. Embracing the pain isn’t fun but I can see and feel how my heart has healed……I know there is more to go but I also know I have come a long way by His grace. As I left tonight, it was as if I felt Joe passing the baton of life to me and saying, “you have a lot of life to live and now is your time to run the relay of life.” I got in my convertible and smiled as I drove through town and let my mind dream of my new life.



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  1. This is a great post, Kathleen. Your journey is an encouragement to me, even though I know it is often discouraging to you.