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Monday, December 6, 2010

Trying More New Things

My life is anything but normal anymore but oh well…it is certainly interesting! Christian Women's Job Corps is the beneficiary of the Polar Bear Splash on New Years Day. There is a 40 ft slide that ends in the Guadalupe River! Although I do not remember sliding down a slide into freezing water  being part of my job description I will slide because it will be a different way to start the New Year, I believe in the cause and I think this should be on everyone’s bucket list…the worst that could happen is I could die and be with Joe and Jesus! You should really join me or at least sponsor me… for information. Anyway, today I was on a local radio show promoting the event. After my radio debut I went to do the Hill Country Today Show, a local TV show and showed up early on and got an invitation to co anchor the news! I thought to myself, “You have done so many other things for the first time this year, why not add one more thing?” It was actually fun; the station had technical difficulty and they invited me to do it again…I love walking in God’s favor and all the adventures He offers me. You can watch it if you are bored by going to and click on watch KVHC live and then the e-diet ad and go about to the middle of the download and also click the picture of me for the Polar Bear Splash or click on the link above…it is pretty funny.  I am not quitting my day job to be a news anchor!   I also had the opportunity this week to go to Big Spring, TX to help start a Christian Women’s Job Corps in that community and enjoyed helping this ministry expand.

I was singing a song at church this weekend and the words really spoke to me. They were, “I don’t have time to remain in regret when I think about the way that you love me.” Wow…God has poured His love out on me this year in the toughest year of my life and I just felt the Lord say that it was time for grief to bow its knee to God’s love and for me to not look at all I have lost but at the things I have gained. That is very hard at times but I am determined to press through. I must focus on His love…it has sustained me in more ways than most people realize as it has been one of the few things that has not changed for me. I was reading this weekend and found a powerful scripture in I Samuel 2:8 and felt the Lord say it was my promise. “He lifts the needy from the ash heap; he sets them with princes and has them inherit a throne of honor.” Sounds good to me! Sunday I had the opportunity to pray with several people and to me in praying for them I was able to get vengeance on the enemy. I prayed with someone for depression – I have overcome depression and now I get to set others free. I also prayed for someone and their loved one who is battling cancer, someone else that was in a cast…I was in one for 19 months a few years ago and it took a lot to get through that battle and prayed with someone else battling fear. God set me free from many fears 18 years ago. Each time I prayed, I had total confidence in God’s ability because I had experienced His overcoming power myself and it is payback time! Now I have not only God’s permission to set others free but also His authorization.

I am enjoying the holiday season…much more than last year. I love the lights, the quite of my home,have another date this weekend with my friend from California, am planning to have lots of fun with my kids in the days ahead and will be celebrating another birthday soon. My how things change in a year! Change is my friend-

Celebrating still trying new things,


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