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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Holding Those That Are Letting Go

Austin and Laura
    I have discovered that life on this earth is one of constant letting go. The only thing we can hang on to is God. We love to hang on to people but people will move another life.
     This week has brought more letting go to our family. Rob, my son-in-law had to say goodbye to his grandmother this past week. Her service is tomorrow.  Please remember Rob and his family at this time.
     Yesterday my daughter-in-law Laura, found out that her father passed away suddenly. Austin, my oldest had to break the news to her. He loves her so and I know he hated having to give her such news.
     Both of my "extra" kids have been thru tough times this week and lost those they love. My heart hurts for them as loosing those you love is not easy.
     I know this has to trigger things for my own kids but my constant prayer has been that none of us get stuck in the grief process. The pain of grief is painful but is a process all must go thru to healing. It doesn't do us any good to run from the pain. It will catch up with us in time. No one likes pain but The good news is God is with us in the pain. We don't have to walk thru the valley of the shadow of death alone.
     My heart hurst for my "extra" kids that have to say goodbye to those they love dearly and all I can do is let them know I love them, am praying for them, hurt with them  listen and hug them.

Rob, Mallory and me!
     As I reflect on my own life, I see how God has been with me every step of the way. He has sent things to delight my heart in the midsts of great pain. He is faithful every step of the way. Life on this earth is not easy.  Please pray for our family at this time.

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