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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Daily Blessings...

Joe has been gone a month now.  Although the pain  and loss has been great, I have felt God's love pour over me and there are special blessings each day.  I am beginning to wake up and wonder what "the blessing of the day will be"!  Monday I came home and someone had left beautiful sunflowers and chocolates at my front door and a out of town friend visited and took me to dinner.  Tuesday I had a friend drive me to Fredericksburg for a doctor's appointment (one I had to cancel 3 times because of Joe) which was great as I was exhausted by 2:30.  I also found an unexpected blessing with my insurance.   Yesterday I had someone fix my garage door.  Wonder what today will hold?  As I have "stepped back into Kerrville" people have been wonderful and the hugs and encouragement.  Many have told me of how God used Joe's memorial service to touch them and how they were blessed.  Yea God!  He is good.    I love how he works when we least expect it.   I still seem lost in my home of 24 years as I have tried to find some rythem to life but I have felt the Lord hold me each time I cry.
Thanks so much for all the cards you have sent.  I still haven't gone though all of them......but will as life settles down.




  1. Can it really be a month already? I keep thinking what a blessing you gave me that day Julie and I delivered dinner .... allowing me time to sit with Joe and talk with him. We so badly wanted him to know that he had a huge affect on Gabe in his early weeks and months at USAA, and I was able to tell him that night. I wanted him to go "home" knowing that he meant so much to someone he might not have imagined would be touched by God through his own kindness. Kathleen, the two of you touched so many *everywhere*! Many thanks, and hugs, Celia

  2. Hey Kathleen!
    I have really been blessed by following your
    journals and will continue to follow your blog. Would love to have you follow mine as well: