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Monday, December 21, 2009

Discovering Life

I had a great birthday celebration. When you have a birthday in December you celebrate along the way in life because it is such a busy season for everyone. I have had several friends take me to dinner or lunch, a small lunch with some friends and my kids all got together and took me to dinner the other night. I have decided that although Joe wasn't with me to celebrate, fifty is fun...... He had talked about giving me a party and was going to sing a Jim Brickman song to me. I am sure he sang, I just couldn't hear him. Another letting go moment for me.....but it is in the letting go and embracing that we really are not in control of life and situations that life goes on. It is in the letting go that our trust is strengthened. It is in the letting go that new life comes.
I am having a wonderful holiday with my kids. I love watching them talk about life, build their relationship and have fun. We are all building again, encouraging each other in the situations we find ourselves in in this season. It is fun to see the fruit of the years of labor we invested in them. Joe would say we have invested well. We are not a family with money but we have a strength and love with each other I wouldn't trade. God is healing all of us. I feel He is beginning to stitch my heart again. I will write more after the holiday about our time together, but for now, I want to enjoy every moment. It is a gift.
Jesus gives us many, peace, His love, the wonder of life, strength, rest.......all are ous if we simply open them each day reguardless of what we face in life.

Happy Christmas to all-


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