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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dawn of a New Year

The first few days of the New Year have been challanging for me personally and one of my kids helped me figure out why. "Dad was in 2009 but he isn't in 2010." It put to words what I was feeling. Letting go of 2009 was letting go of Joe and embracing a New Year that Joe won't be a part of has worn me out! God has spoken much to me about disciplining myself to focus on Him. Most Americans lack discipline. We live in a society where we do what we feel like, if we want to and we are by and large an instant society. I have been a constant state of disciplining myself to remember the truth I know. But knowing truth alone does not set you free. As we take truth and experience it, that is what sets us free. Most of us like learning the truth but many of us are lazy. We lack discipline. I feel God is raising up a people that are disciplined, strong in knowing the power of Christ in them and not tossed by circumstances or intimidated by the enemy. Living the same no matter what.....
I made a statement in my last blog that said,"I have every right to be depressed." The next morning I felt the Lord correct me. "Kathleen, you have every right to have joy as my child." So I stand corrected.
My boys are real excited about the big UT game on Thursday. Price is off to see Austin and Laura for a few days. It has been nice having someone extra around the house. Mallory is busy teaching 4th grade and loving it.
Tomorrow marks one year ago that Joe went to the doctor and our whole life changed in a matter of a day. As I looked at pictures tonight, I couldn't believe what we lived through last year. It was only in God's strength and by the power of His love.

Living like I'm loved,


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