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Monday, January 18, 2010

Over Coming Day by Day

January 18th 2010

Overcoming begins with the right perception

Part of the will of God in all our lives is that we live life as over comers. We do not have to live as others in the world. Hooray! But overcoming our circumstances doesn’t just happen. It takes discipline and the right perspective of our circumstances. That can only come as we yield our perception to God and ask Him for his. Often times we are arrogant and think we know it all and how we see it is it…..NOT! If I let myself simply look at my life from my perspective I would be in a mess looking at all I had lost, the fear of the future, etc….. I have had to constantly ask God to help me see my life as he sees it. I have had to ask him to adjust my thinking. I have had to ask him to renew my mind and thinking. I want his perception of my life.
I John 5:4-5 states that God’s heart for each of us. “Whatever is born of God, overcomes the world” Overcoming is part of our DNA as children of God. That is the way he made us. Yea God! We are destined to win in any circumstance. His power is in us, He is with us to tutor us through life. As I let go of my happy life as a married woman and journey into the unknown single life, I am asking God to help me to be as content as a single woman as I was as a married woman. I refuse to live overwhelmed and under my circumstances……I have a God given right to live life as an over comer in any situation I find myself in. And in that process, I get to show the world who God is for me!

Over coming……one step at a time,


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